love the analogies you used in this write up, i can relate to the facebook-password-reset-before- drinking part. haha.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, reading Unachievement is slowly becoming a weekly ritual for me.

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Loving this concept. Looking forward to hearing about more systems you put in place throughout 2021!

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I've seen you inhale donuts before. That aside, we had a conversation a while back about me wanting to read more books. You gave me some great advice to design my day so I could make time to build new habits. Since that conversation probably about 6 months ago, I now wake up around 6:30am, which is 2 hours and 29 minutes earlier than I used to wake up, and I spend that time before all life distractions start vibrating my phone, just reading.

It's been great. Before then I've read maybe 1 book in the past 10 years. Since our conversation I've slowly started reading more and more and I've made it a habit now. I still have a long way to go to be a better reader, but I've already finished 2 books in 2021.

Hopefully someone else relates to this story, but that's how I've altered my environment to form a new habit.

Thanks Unachievement.

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